Visiting Alma

Special Programs

Here at Alma Bible Church we seek to be a positive influence in the town of Alma and its surrounding communities.  We do this by running a number of programs that function week to week.  We also accomplish this by being involved in some very special relationships, and by promoting special programs and events throughout the year.

A highlight of just some of these special programs and ministries includes the following:

Sonshine Club

Moms and Dads are busy and active.  Providing full time care for children through the entire summer is a daunting task.  Here at Alma we provide a week long Day Camp for children at no cost that runs every morning.  The theme changes from one year to the next.  In recent years we have done a “western theme”, a “tropical jungle” theme, an “island paradise” theme, and most recently a “science laboratory” theme.  Details on this years SonShine Club are now available.

Michael House

Here at Alma we have a desire to look out for and care for those who find themselves in difficult situations.  Ladies who are facing the prospect of raising children alone are in need of special care, and loving counsel.  As a result we are proud to be able to support organizations like Michael House.  One way we do this is by joining with them in their Baby Bottle fund raising drive in the spring. To learn more about Michael House check out their website

Samaritans Purse – Operation Christmas Child

For the past few years, we at Alma have been working to collect shoeboxes full of gifts for young boys and girls that live in parts of the world that would otherwise not be able to enjoy Christmas.

Annual “Focus” Weekend

For the past two years, we have hosted a weekend of intense ministry for people to go deeper in walk with Christ.  Typically this weekend begins on a Friday night with music and teaching.  It then resumes with a full day on Saturday with a morning session, then supper in the evening followed by another teaching session.  The weekend wraps up on Sunday morning as we all come together in worship.  We welcome anyone who is interested in growing in their faith.




“Let’s Get Moving”

We are proud to be able to host the “Let’s Get Moving” program which is fully run and funded by the Early Years Centre which is part of the Community Resource Centre of North and Centre Wellington.  This program runs on alternate Wednesdays from 9:30-11:00am.

If you have questions about this program, please feel free to contact the Ontario Early Years Centre at  or by visiting their website at