Visiting Alma

Keeping In Touch

Looking at options to keep people informed.

As we continue to be impacted by the growing spread of the coronavirus, Luke and I have been chatting about what we can do to help support us as a ‘local church community’.

We have been thinking and talking about a number of things, but one thing that has become very clear is that online communication is a great tool to at least keep us all in touch.

In light of this, both Luke and I will be working to send out regular emails using the email addresses that are in the prayer chain.   We will try not to send out too many.   Our goal will be to provide you with updates on how the current pandemic is impacting the church, as well as devotionals and other thoughts.   We also hope to provide you with what we believe are reliable resources for our spiritual growth in the absence of regular worship services and life groups.

In order for this to work well, we need each of you.  We would really appreciate if you would please send us any questions you would like us to address, issues you would like us to explore, or resources that you would like us to comment on.

We are praying for all of you.

Mark McCready
Senior Pastor