Visiting Alma



Alma Bible Church exists because a number of people prayed.  We are grateful for the many people who sacrificed in order that God might make it possible for a church of evangelical conviction to exist here in the town of Alma.

It is our hope and prayer that the vision of those who helped to establish Alma Bible Church wouldn’t be lost. In fact it is our desire and we believe God’s call on us as a Church community to continue to pursue the same dream that other towns might enjoy the same blessing that we today are experiencing.

At Alma, we aren’t perfect. In fact we are a collection of imperfect and broken individuals who are gathered together by God’s grace with a desire to live out His call in our lives. Our Core Values, Mission and Vision are a reflection of this reality.

We are passionate about knowing Christ and sharing him with others

In the Spring of 2013 the following goals were established by the leadership of the church to which we should all work together that it might become a reality:

1.  We desire to see a shift in our spending to reflect a priority of missions.
2.  We will think and pray about what would be necessary for us to plant a like- minded church here in South Western Ontario in an area that currently has unmet spiritual needs.
3.  We will establish a capital fund to which we will direct funds on a regular basis that could be used at some point to modify the building to handle any growth that might take place.

Our largest priority is outreach both globally and locally and it is our desire that this priority be reflected in our budget.  Thinking down the road, we envision as part of the outreach effort the eventual planting of other like-minded churches.  We recognize that planting a church would be very demanding.  As a result we see ourselves needing to grow in many areas till we attain the point where we believe we are equipped and ready for the task.  As we pray and prepare for this goal, we want to be careful to ensure that any building modifications or construction projects would be secondary and subject to the larger priority of one day planting another church.

We as a church need to be committed to seeing the message of salvation in Jesus Christ go out both locally and globally.

We are a community of Christ followers:

1. of evangelical conviction
2. who look to the Word of God as our guide to everything for which it speaks
3. that believe in personal transformation through faith in Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit
4. that believe life only comes through death
5. that believe our faith should evidence itself in all areas of our lives
6. where people matter, no matter their gender, color or social economic status
7. seeking to establish other like minded churches locally and globally